Original Oil Paintings by

Naomi Tiry Salgado

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Maybe not stylish…but definitely warm!  And that means a lot to a Minnesota artist in winter!


Why I Paint en Plein Air:

When painting on location, a sense of urgency to capture the fleeting moment drives split-second, intuitive movements that strip away all but my soul's reaction to the surroundings. The colors and values are more complex and intricate than what a camera can pickup. My hope is that in the quick-flow painting of the moment, all the rich sensations of the experience embed into the canvas--the sounds, smells and feeling of the place. -Naomi

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Artist Statement:

I really love texture…drippy glazes, brush marks, chunky impasto…it all comes together for an energetic surface texture.  Muah! 

My favorite!

One of my current artistic goals is to suggest a scene rather than describe it.    I want to take you to a place, but not fully tell you everything…I want your imagination to fill in the gaps.  Art, like life, is more enjoyable when shared.


I was born and raised in Wisconsin and now live in Minnesota.  Even though I’ve lived in the Midwest all my life, the beauty of the landscape still takes my breath away.   When you look at my paintings, you will notice that where I live inspires most of my work.  I might be biased, but I think that I live in the most beautiful area in the world!


1. Be Unique! Own something nobody else has!

2. Bring some SOUL into your home.

3. Potential Inve$tment Opportunity - Imagine if you had bought the only painting that vanGogh sold while alive!

4. Support an artist. We need to eat too!

5. Your "ZOOM" calls need a more interesting background!

6. The artwork calls to you. Art has a voice...and it can talk to your soul...will you listen?

7. Your walls at home are bland... Add some spice!


Do you like my style, but haven't found the perfect painting? We can team up to create a custom piece, unique to your specifications. This is called a commission. Learn more about my commission process.