Urban Life

in the bold north
“Urban Life in the Bold North” is a series of oil paintings that depict downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul during the year of 2020. I had no idea how life would change when I started this project. Yet within a few months, my simple project became a soul-searching endeavor to capture a year like none other.


Urban Life in the Bold North
Physical Exhibitions

Urban Life in the Bold North originally displayed at the Phipps.


This exhibition was originally on exhibition in the Riverview Gallery at the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, WI from December 4, 2020 – January 10, 2021. 

urban life at Phipps
urban life at airport

Urban Life in the Bold North
mini-exhibition at MSP airport


A mini-exhibition of selected works is on display at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport near Gate C6 from April 1, 2022 – April 1, 2023. Link.

Video Tour of the original exhibition
at the Phipps Center for the Arts:

Urban Life in the Bold North
Special Online Exhibition

urban life thumbnail
"Staying Dry". 28"x28". oil on canvas. January 2020. $2000.
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"The Metro". 30"x30". oil on canvas. November 2020. SOLD.
"First Avenue in the Rain". 30"x48". oil on canvas. July 2020. SOLD.
"The End of the Line". 30"x30". oil on canvas. September 2020. SOLD.
"Power Walk". 18"x30". Oil on canvas. October 2020. SOLD.
"Stop Talking". 24"x36". September 2020. SOLD.
"Parked on the Sidewalk" 22"x30". oil on canvas. SOLD.
"All That Jazz". 30"x30". oil on canvas. August 2020. SOLD.
"Commerce". 22"x38". oil on canvas. October 2020. $2200. On exhibition at the Rochester Minnesota International Airport.
"A Walk in the Park". 22" x 28". oil on canvas. October 2020. $1600. Available through artist.
"Arriving in Three Minutes". 20"x32". oil on canvas. March 2020. $1800. Available through Spatial Effects Gallery.
"Masked". 22"x22". oil on canvas. September 2020. $1200. Available through artist.
"Snowy Towers" 32" x 40". oil on canvas. November 2020. $3000 (Please pardon the glare in the lower left, this was the last piece I finished for the show, so it didn't make it to the professional photographer like the others.) Available through artist.

Small Studies

I created small studies to see if I like a composition before investing time and materials into a large scale canvas. Here are some of my studies for this project.

"Sunset Flag" 8"x13". oil on panel. $400.
"Red Jacket, Fall Day". 8"x13". oil on panel. SOLD.
"Minneapolis Skyline Lost in the Clouds." 12"x14". oil on panel. SOLD.
"The Metro - Study". 8"x8". oil on panel. SOLD.
"Yes, That One." 12"x12". oil on panel. $450.
"Warm on the Inside". 12"x12". oil on panel. SOLD.
"Mail It In." 8"x10". oil on panel. $350.
"Love Each Other". 8"x12". oil on panel. SOLD.
"Friends Chatting". 8"x8". oil on panel. $300
Feed the Birds.
"Feed the Birds".

If you have questions, or would like to purchase a painting, please reach out!

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