Meet Naomi

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Meet Naomi Tiry Salgado
My Story:

Here's your chance to meet the person behind the paintings. I grew up in Chippewa Falls, WI and now live in the Twin Cities with my husband. We are recent empty-nesters with one in college and the other flapping his wings halfway across the country. Art captured my interest in 2007 and I have been obsessed ever since. After I taught elementary art for several years, I dedicated myself to full-time painting in 2015. I was president of the Outdoor Painters of Minnesota for a couple of years. I regularly compete in regional Plein Air Painting events.

my dog

Meet Watson, my four-legged studio assistant.  He’s a dachshund-mix who thinks he’s my boss, rather than my assistant.  He usually makes an appearance in my YouTube videos.

Artist Statement:

I love playing around with textures as I paint, applying some areas with thin, drippy glazes, and in other areas applying chunky impasto. I like my surface texture to have a lot of energy and I like the underlying composition to be accurate and proportionate.

Painting en plein air (outside, on location) is a particular joy for me because it adds spontaneity and freshness to my work. There is something about hearing, smelling, and feeling the atmosphere of a scene that I hope comes through on the canvas. It also allows me to meet some really awesome people who stop by to see what I’m doing.

Some Cool Facts

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Labor of Love

A large portion of my art sales goes to support the RGMI Children’s Home in India. It’s an all-girls orphanage that was started by our family friend and missionary, Dan Gross, after the devastation of the Tsunami of 2004. It's important to me that these girls are given a chance, that the streets don't swallow them up and worse. I wish I could provide a safe home for every girl around the world, but right now, what I do matters to these girls.

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