Viewing Rooms

I organized my original oil paintings into different viewing rooms.  By clicking the image on the left, you will go to that online gallery.

You will find all kinds of subject matter in the Plein Air Viewing Room.  When it comes to painting in my studio, I like to work in series. So each studio series has its own Gallery (Viewing Room).

These paintings were created outside, on location, with the sun-moving, the traffic flowing, people talking, and the bugs sometimes flying into my paint.

This is a studio series focused on figures of children set in landscapes, usually with water nearby. 

A series of St. Paul and Minneapolis cityscapes created during the pandemic in my studio.

Not finding what you’re looking for? You can commission a custom painting to your specifications. The process is detailed here.

"My ultimate goal for each painting is that it is capable of giving and receiving love, joy, and good feelings on the wall of its home."


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