A Painting is Forever

Well, almost...

A painting is a great way to preserve memories and pass them on to future generations.   Oil paintings last for centuries.  Commissioning a painting leaves a legacy for those who follow. I consider it an incredible honor to be entrusted with the people, places, and memories that you love.  The process to commission a painting is quite easy…


Some of my commissioned paintings:

The Commission Process:

1. Commission Agreement

Let’s meet either in person or over the phone to discuss your project.  I’ll ask all kinds of things about your vision to really try to understand what you’re picturing.  I prefer in-person meetings and also prefer to meet on the site you want painted.  However, I’ve done plenty of commissions by discussing the project over the phone and working from a photograph.  You will get to choose things like size, orientation, framing, etc.  We’ll come to an agreement about a due date. I’ll keep notes about what we discussed on a Commission Agreement.  I’ll sign it and ask you to sign also when you return your deposit.  

2. Deposit

I charge the same rate for a commission as I do for any other of my paintings.  The only difference is that I require a 30% deposit before I schedule the project on my calendar.  (I take one commission per month.). This non-refundable deposit gets applied to the purchase of the painting at the conclusion of the project.  You are not locked into purchasing the painting if you don’t like what I painted.  However, the deposit remains with me, since it is unlikely that I will be able to sell this custom painting to someone else.

3. Working Together

When the month of your commission arrives, I will be in contact with you during key steps of the process.  Depending on the project, I might have you approve a sketch, or the block-in stage.  I usually will reach out when I’ve reached a stage where something could be modified if you wanted it to be.  Sometimes this is not always possible, but I really like happy collectors!  

4. Delivery

When the painting is fully dry, framed to your specifications, and ready to go to it’s new home, I can either meet you locally or ship it to you.  If shipping, I charge an extra shipping and handling fee because I build a custom, multi-layer shipping container so that your painting arrives in exactly the same shape I sent it.  Payment in full (minus the deposit) is required at pickup or before shipping.

Note: Due to many commissions being given as gifts, I make it a blanket policy to not post photos of commissions publicly without the patron's permission. While artists are legally within their rights to post images of paintings; when it comes to commissions, I prefer to ask and respect the wishes of the patron. All images on this page are commissioned paintings, displayed by permission of the commissioning patron.

Ready to commission a painting?

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