Hudson Star-Observer Article

I was featured in the Hudson Star-Observer last week!  

Before I started painting professionally, I was an elementary art teacher.  I enjoyed teaching and working with children (most days).  However, over time I became envious of their creativity time.  So I reluctantly left that job to make time for my own creative endeavors.  I occasionally run into a previous student and enjoy seeing where life has taken them.  

This happened in a big way last month when I got a call from the local newspaper to interview me. To my surprise and delight, the journalist was one of my former students!  Caleb Fravel was a fifth grader the last time I saw him!  At the risk of sounding like everyone’s favorite aunt, he really has grown into a nice young man, and an excellent writer. I really enjoyed the article he wrote for the Hudson Star-Observer.  His editor must have enjoyed it too, because his article was featured on the front page of the newspaper! You can read it in its entirety HERE.

Hudson Star-Observer